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“Cheerful and colourful characters that reside in cities, machines and imaginative naiveté populate the world of Loulou & Tummie. Although the illustrations and animations may look simple, they are well thought through and no detail is left to coincedence. The multitude of detail is reduced by the use of well balanced colours, creating a quieting result.”

Laurens (Loulou) and Chantal (Tummie) are a creative duo. Working together since 2004 from their Dutch hometown Tilburg, the pair discovered they formed nice additions to each other’s work through living and sharing an apartment together. At first glance their individual work comes across as contradictory: Tummie works with cute characters and graceful patterns, while Loulou’s work is sleek and geometric. But they found a symbiosis and have since continued to work together under the name of Loulou & Tummie.

Their portfolio shows a broad range of projects such as Illustrations, designs for apps, packaging, branding, advertising campaigns, animations, books, toys, pluche dolls, murals and lot’s of character designs. Clients include small local magazines as well as major international brands such as Netflix, Disney, Google, IBM, Nickelodeon, Samsung, Pepsico and Mercedes Benz-Smart

Besides commissioned projects the couple develop self-initiated projects, characterized with having no or little restrictions and what often results in new knowledge, which they can then use in commissioned projects. Current side projects are hand crafted wooden figures under the monniker Loulou’s Woodshop and a bold kids clothing line Tummietown.

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  • Lifting our kidsbrand Tummietown to a higher level.
  • Create a big L&T (poster/ art) book.
  • Working on our own childrens book.
  • Create a cartoon tv-series or animated film.
  • Loulou’s wooden sculptures are made by hand and are very limited. We’d love to see what possibilities we have when we can take some in production.
  • Combine work and travel. We want to see much more of the world.
  • Work on the identity or artwork for a fun festival.
  • We love music and would love to create a (vinyl) record sleeve.
  • Design our own amusement park 😀
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